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Top 5 Pool Table and Air Hockey Combos – Reviews & Buying Tips for 2021

1. Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Multi-Game Table VIEW ON AMAZON The Best Choice 4-in-1 is small enough at just 32 inches to fit anywhere in your home but big enough for kids to enjoy any of the

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Expectations From Air Hockey

What Are Expectations from Air Hockey in 2021 for Players?

1. Challenges FacingLast year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic many events had to be canceled including hockey tournaments and world championships. This year, however, with the increasing number of vaccinated

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Triumph LED Table

Where You Can Buy Air Hockey Parts & Accessories

When you have an air hockey table, it is almost impossible that you won’t have to replace and repair air hockey table parts. The durability of any air hockey table depends on various features and factors,

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What Should you Look for When Buying an Air Hockey Table?

Getting an air hockey might look like a simple purchase but there are a lot of different things to consider like the space you have and which design you prefer. With the wide range of air hockey tables

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The Best 4 Player Round Air Hockey Tables

Traditional air hockey tables that you find in arcades or most commonly in stores have one downside: only two players can play at a time. If you have a big family or a large group of friends it would be

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Kids Air Hockey Tables Buyer’s Guide 2021

In 2021, with everyone spending more time indoors and air hockey becoming more and more popular it makes sense to bring an air hockey table to your home. It may not be the same as running a marathon or

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Kids Having fun with Air Hockey

How to Play Air Hockey: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are a sports lover who loves to play different kinds of sports and if this time you want to learn how to play air hockey, then you are in the correct place. The following article is a complete

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Fat Cat Original Air Hockey Table

Top Best 5 Multi Game Tables You Should Buy in 2021

People who love to play table games know that having a multi game table is like winning a lottery. You get different games in a single table making it easy for you to save space. Following are some of

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Generic ombo Entertainment Game Table

Best Multi Game Table Buyers guide 2021

Multi-table games are the best way to keep everybody  entertained as these tables feature multiple games. These tables allow you to switch between games very conveniently. This concept has also proven

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Couple of Kids Playing an Arcade Air Hockey

Air Hockey Offensive Shooting Zone – Maximize Scoring

The Shooting Zone: How to Optimize Your Air Hockey Offense For Maximize Scoring Let’s start with the basics. Do you know what those different lines on an air hockey table are called? They are meant to

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Evaxo Stratosphere 7.5-ft Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table Dimensions

For air hockey lovers, there is nothing like owning an air hockey table. As all of us probably know, air hockey tables are available in various sizes. The size of these tables can depend on the style and

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Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Set

Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles Buyer’s Guide 2021

Air hockey is a sport enjoyed by many people around the world, be it on a professional level or for recreational purposes. For some, it is merely a way to blow off steam while others use it to demonstrate

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Everything You Need To Know To Be A Great Air Hockey Player

Best Mini Air Hockey Tables 2021

While air hockey has become a professional sport over the years, it is still one of the most exciting games you can play with friends and family. The thrill of the game is one of the major reasons why

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Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table

Air Hockey Drifting – Drift to Set Up Air Hockey Shots

Air Hockey is a fun game but it is also a competitive one. Even if you are not playing at tournaments and are just casually playing with friends, a bit of strategy never hurt anyone. And well, if you’ve

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Air Hockey Strategy – Strategies to Win Air Hockey

Even though air hockey is a fun game that you can play in arcades and at home, it has also become a very popular professional sport. Different associations like the USAA are built specifically to provide

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Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Air Hockey Grip – Proper Grip on the Mallet

Knowing how to hold a mallet is the first step to becoming a professional air hockey player. The concept may sound simple, but it is one of the most common mistakes that beginners make.Something

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Air Hockey Mallet (Paddle, Pusher & Goalie) – Replacement Parts

What is an Air Hockey Mallet? If you’re new to the world of air hockey, you may be confused with the term mallet. This is because it has a number of other names such as pusher, goalie, paddle or striker.

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Best 7 Foot Harvard Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Defense – Playing the Goalie Mallet

Learning the tactics of the defense position in air hockey is extremely crucial because an offense position is not enough to win. Each opponent is different and knowing your opponent is the key to winning. Without

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Professional Air Hockey Players in a Match

How to Prepare for an Air Hockey Tournament

People who want to gain tips and tricks for their upcoming air hockey tournament should read this guide. It will help them in planning out an excellent strategy that will actually work for them. The first

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Franklin Sports 20In Table Games

5 Tips to Make Your Air Hockey Table Slide Better

People who love to play games know that their playroom is imperfect without it having the best air hockey table. Despite being the top notch model of their lines, these tables have issues at times. This

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