Air Hockey Table and Equipment Playing Guide

Evaxo Stratosphere 7.5-ft Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table Dimensions

For air hockey lovers, there is nothing like owning an air hockey table. As all of us probably know, air hockey tables are available in various sizes. The size of these tables can depend on the style and


Air Hockey Strategy – Strategies to Win Air Hockey

Even though air hockey is a fun game that you can play in arcades and at home, it has also become a very popular professional sport. Different associations like the USAA are built specifically to provide

Triumph 3-in-1 Swivel Multigame Table

Air Hockey Grip – Proper Grip on the Mallet

Knowing how to hold a mallet is the first step to becoming a professional air hockey player. The concept may sound simple, but it is one of the most common mistakes that beginners make.Something

Best 7 Foot Harvard Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Defense – Playing the Goalie Mallet

Learning the tactics of the defense position in air hockey is extremely crucial because an offense position is not enough to win. Each opponent is different and knowing your opponent is the key to winning. Without

Professional Air Hockey Players in a Match

How to Prepare for an Air Hockey Tournament

People who want to gain tips and tricks for their upcoming air hockey tournament should read this guide. It will help them in planning out an excellent strategy that will actually work for them. The first

Franklin Sports 20In Table Games

5 Tips to Make Your Air Hockey Table Slide Better

People who love to play games know that their playroom is imperfect without it having the best air hockey table. Despite being the top notch model of their lines, these tables have issues at times. This


Air Hockey Trick Shots – Deceptive Shooting Techniques

Air Hockey- Trick Shots Also known as pump shots or pot shots, air hockey trick shots are extremely popular in professional tournaments. These shots are about speed, deception and timing. The key to trick

6 Best Mini Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Straight Shot – Fast Offensive Shot

Air Hockey- All About Straight Shots Air hockey is a popular game where two players are playing opposite each other. They play on an air hockey table and score in the goals of their partner. These tables


Small Air hockey Pucks vs. Large Air hockey Pucks

Types of Air Hockey Pucks There is a popularly held belief that people get whatever they pay for. This saying is valid in all spheres of life, including air hockey. When it comes to playing this game,

Hathaway Midtown 6' Air Hockey Family Game Table with Electronic Scoring

How To Clean Your Air Hockey Table – Complete Guide

Why You Should Clean Your Air Hockey Table You may spend a good amount of money on your favorite hockey table but it is not going to clean itself regardless of how expensive it is. There are many reasons

Everything You Need To Know To Be A Great Air Hockey Player

Everything You Need To Know To Be A Great Air Hockey Player

Learning to play air hockey isn’t too difficult, but it takes a good amount of practice and knowledge of the right techniques to become a professional player.Air Hockey Gameplay and RulesThe game begins

MD Sports 4 in 1 Multi Game

Tabletop Air Hockey Rules

In this article, we will be reviewing the tabletop air hockey rules. Air hockey is a fun tabletop game that miniaturized the concept of Ice Hockey. It is usually a 1v1 game, but if the table is big enough,