How to Play Air Hockey

Couple of Kids Playing an Arcade Air Hockey

Air Hockey Offensive Shooting Zone – Maximize Scoring

The Shooting Zone: How to Optimize Your Air Hockey Offense For Maximize Scoring Let’s start with the basics. Do you know what those different lines on an air hockey table are called? They are meant to

Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table

Air Hockey Drifting – Drift to Set Up Shots

Air Hockey is a fun game but it is also a competitive one. Even if you are not playing at tournaments and are just casually playing with friends, a bit of strategy never hurt anyone. And well, if you’ve

Best 7 Foot Harvard Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Defense – Playing the Goalie Mallet

Learning the tactics of the defense position in air hockey is extremely crucial because an offense position is not enough to win. Each opponent is different and knowing your opponent is the key to winning. Without

Professional Air Hockey Players in a Match

How to Prepare for an Air Hockey Tournament

People who want to gain tips and tricks for their upcoming air hockey tournament should read this guide. It will help them in planning out an excellent strategy that will actually work for them. The first


Small Air hockey Pucks vs. Large Air hockey Pucks

Types of Air Hockey Pucks There is a popularly held belief that people get whatever they pay for. This saying is valid in all spheres of life, including air hockey. When it comes to playing this game,


What to Expect from Air Hockey in 2021

Air hockey was introduced many decades ago. In terms of popularity, it started off on a smaller pace but gradually it took a huge hit. It is now quite obvious that this game is here to stay. There are