Best Mini Air Hockey Tables 2021

While air hockey has become a professional sport over the years, it is still one of the most exciting games you can play with friends and family. The thrill of the game is one of the major reasons why you’ll see it at every arcade you go to. But the problem with that is, arcades can be expensive and it is not always possible to go.

That is why, the perfect solution is owning an air hockey table at your home. It's convenient, cost effective and a great way to cure boredom, especially with global lockdowns keeping us home for months on end.

The air hockey tables that we normally see in arcades and professional tournaments are usually midsize and large sized. Unfortunately, it is difficult to fit these tables inside bedrooms or even living rooms in a house because they take up a lot of space. This is exactly why you should opt for a mini air hockey table. It will fit perfectly in any room within the house and since it is also portable so you can share with siblings and other family members as well.

Moreover, mini air hockey tables are highly cost effective. They won't cost you a fortune or a hefty investment and still fulfill your needs. Plus, if you have children in the house, you can buy a mini air hockey table that attaches to a tabletop so that you can place it anywhere at your preferred level of height. This way, you can keep your children entertained and busy while you work or do household chores. It is also a great game to entertain guests with. Buying extra accessories is a good idea so that you can play a double player game and have fun.

When buying a mini air hockey table, you’ll come across a wide variety of options. From the material and air blowers to the features and the build of the table, there are a few tables that have all these aspects equally good; the following have made it to the list of the best air hockey tables in 2021:

1. Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table
The Rally and Roar Air Hockey Table is made of wood with dimensions of 40 x 20 x 9 inches. It weighs roughly 14 pounds, making it relatively lightweight as compared to other air hockey tables. The portable table can simply be attached to a tabletop as it comes with paddled legs and a goal box so you can use it in any room as per your convenience.

The Rally and Roar table comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. The accessories that come with it include an LED score tracker with two scoreboard options, 2 mini pucks and 2 mini pushers.

The biggest edge that this table has to offer is the high power provided in such a small table. It features a 12 V-AC motor which provides a good airflow and stability of the puck.

2. Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table

The Harvil Air Hockey Table is a sturdy table made of dense wood and MDF material. It weighs approximately 15 pounds with dimensions of 40 x 20 x 8 inches.

This table also has a 12 V-AC motor, but one that is CUL certified. It features a cool, white table with vibrant graphics which makes the game look more enticing. The package also includes a user manual, making it easier for you to set up the table. Its accessories include 2 paddles(65 mm) and 2 pucks(55 m).

The warranty of this table also attracts customers because it offers a 90-day money back guarantee and a replacement for any damaged parts or the table itself.

3. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

Playcraft’s air hockey table is a compact table made of mdf and engineered wood. It features dimensions of 40 x 21 x 8 inches. The table comes in only one color i.e. cherry, with a motor that is both CE and UL approved.

You’ll have to set up the table yourself whether you buy from Playcraft itself or via Amazon, but rest assured it is a very simple process. Plus, a unique feature that this table offers is the extra leg set which allows you to set it as high as 26 inches when elders are playing.

You can plug the table into any standard outlet and if anything doesn’t work right, you can opt for a full refund according to the 90-day policy the company offers.

4. Kole Imports Air Hockey Table Top

The Kole Imports Air hockey table includes 2 paddles and 2 pucks in the package. Its dimensions are 22 x 12 x 4 inches, which is fairly small even for a mini air hockey table. Thus, it is best suited for children.

The good thing about its size is that it can easily fit on most tables so you can gather around and play anywhere with family and friends. You can even take it with you while travelling. The table also features a fully functioning fan.

Some specifications that you will have to keep in mind while buying this table is that it is powered by 8 AA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver to set it up (both are not included in the package).

5. Matty's Toy Stop Tabletop Air Hockey Table

Matty’s Air hockey table comes in a beautiful contrast of green and black, but it is also available in 3 other colors. It features dimensions of 21 x 4 x 12.2 inches. The table is made of wood and plastic; it is extremely light in weight at 4.5 pounds.

The best thing about this table is that it is multipurpose; you can use it for both air hockey as well as soccer. It is best suited for players aged 6 and above. You can power it with 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package.

Another attraction about this table is that it is highly aesthetic. Its wooden grainy finish coupled with its neon accents and highly detailed graphics are what make it a consumer favorite.

6. Franklin Designs Mini Table

Franklin Sports 20In Table Games
If you thought mini air hockey tables could not get any lighter, you should know that this table weighs only half a pound. This is owing to the fact that it is made of PVC rather than wood. It also has a 20 inch table top which makes it half the size of average tables.

However, the smaller size and weight does not mean there is anything lacking in this table. Franklin Sports has created a visually pleasing, all black design and a built-in scoring system, making it the perfect table for children. Plus, the battery operated air blower provides smooth gameplay by providing an optimal flow of air.

7. Playcraft Sport Breakaway Mini Table

Playcraft’s Sport breakaway table is on the heavier side as it weighs 25 pounds which is more than what average mini tables weigh. This is partially due to its size i.e. 42 x 24 x 9 inches. So while your table may not be portable, you can still enjoy a bigger playing field.

The Sport Breakaway table’s slide scorers are made of plastic and it includes a 120 V motor, another reason which explains its weight. This shows that Playcraft has focused more on the gameplay than any other feature because a bigger air blower means a much smoother playing experience.

Last but not least, the package includes 2 strikers and 2 pucks. The setup process is fairly easy.

8. Franklin Sports 48" Standing Mini Table

This is the second table by Franklin which has made it to the list of the best mini air hockey tables in 2021. Also known as the zero gravity table, this air hockey table is made of manufactured wood and ABS material which makes it highly durable.

It also features an LED electronic scoring system, a feature that children find very attractive and easy to use. The corner caps are also safe for children to use; they add support and are also aesthetically pleasing.

This table gets its zero gravity name from its sports motor which allows the puck to float over the table. The slanted leg design and high gloss finish both add to a thrilling gaming experience. The entire package includes 2 pucks and 2 pushers along with the table.

You will need 2 AA batteries to operate it, but you can also claim the 90 day warranty if you are not satisfied with the product. This table is at the pricier end but it is worth the investment.

Best Mini Air Hockey Table Buyer's Guide 2021

After getting out of an intense global pandemic, our expectations in 2021 are extremely high. While the above mentioned tables do not disappoint and are more than suitable in their category, you can only be satisfied if you check off the features that you personally require in an air hockey table.

However, since most of us have to stay within a budget, the key is to balance budget with features. First, set an approximate of what you plan to spend on a mini air hockey table and then make a list of the features (from most important to least important). Try to check off maximum features in the given budget. Here’s a list of features that you should keep in mind when buying a mini air hockey table:

1. Table Design

While design is an important feature when buying an air hockey table, it shouldn't be a deal breaker for those of you on a budget. An aesthetically pleasing design is likely to cost you more and you can buy another table with the same features at a lower price.However, if design is important to you, choose a table that has a variety of color options. Go with the color scheme of the room you plan to put it in. Apart from that, detailing is important e.g. like Matty’s Toy Stop Air hockey table.

2. Durability

Durability should be the most important factor when buying an air hockey table. The two most durable materials for an air hockey table are wood and steel. In mini air hockey tables, you are more likely to find tables made of wood. However, these will weigh more, so if you are looking for lightweight tables, go for PVC.

3. Extras

Most tables already come with a set of puck and paddles, but if they don’t, it is not such a deal breaker. This is because they are temporary and will wear out after a few months of use (depending upon the frequency of use). Plus, they come cheap so you can buy them from Amazon or the official seller from where you bought the table. Make sure you buy mini pucks and mini paddles.Another important thing to keep in mind is to buy pucks and paddles with a lining that is smooth and does not scratch the top of your table.

4. Power Options

Again, this is not something most people are aware of, but it is another important feature that you should keep in mind when buying an air hockey table. Power options in a mini air hockey table usually range from 6 V to 12 V (on average). Since the table is smaller, it requires a smaller motor to be powered. However, as a rule of thumb, remember that higher motor power results in smoother gameplay. This is because more power allows the puck to float on the table and glide easily. If you have the budget for it or are considering replacing the blower in your air hockey table, opt for the highest air blower power.

5. Size

The size of the table that you prefer depends on the space that you have in your home as well as personal preference. Some people find it very important to buy an air hockey table with a bigger table space to play on. However, keep in mind that this would also cost you more. Plus, mini air hockey tables are generally small, so the average size i.e. 40 x 24 x 8/9 inches is optimal.

6. Scoring System

The scoring system is an important feature if you plan to keep track of the score. Within scoring systems, your best bet is an LED, digital scoring system. This is because it clearly displays the number of goals which is also easier for children to understand.

7. Blower

A blower is something most end consumers are not very aware of, but it is a very important feature when buying an air hockey table. When you go to buy the table, make sure the blower is high quality and CUL certified. If that is not the case and your heart is set on an air hockey table with no blower certification, make sure the manufacturer offers at least a 1 year warranty so that you know the air blower will perform well.An air blower is like the foundation of your air hockey table; without a good blower, your gameplay will not be as smooth. Plus, a low quality blower requires more maintenance and has a shorter lifespan so you will have to replace it sooner.

8. Pricing

All the features discussed above all boil down to pricing. The tables that made it to the list of best air hockey tables have a variety of pricing options i.e. you can purchase a table for as low as $35 or as high as $120. The price will depend on the material, air blower, power options, size and other features that the table has to offer.

More Buying Tips

1. Second Hand Tables

If you are on a budget and the best mini air hockey tables are out of your range, that is not an issue. There are a number of e-stores and outlets that sell used air hockey tables. You could find a high-end table at a much lower price.

However, when buying a second hand air hockey table, the main thing to check for is durability. The legs of the table should be levelled and the construction should not be flimsy. If you can, take an expert with you to check the air blower of the table as well. These features will determine the life of your table.

2. Storage

Storing your air hockey table the right way can also increase its lifespan. When it is not in use, make sure you keep your air hockey table covered. Firstly, this protects it from dust and dirt, which means you don’t have to clean it each time you take it out for use. Secondly, it protects the table from exposure to light which is extremely important, otherwise your tabletop can fade quicker. You can also buy extra accessories from Amazon for proper cleaning of your air hockey table.

Moreover, if you have less space, it is best to disassemble your air hockey table and store it in a bag. You should also invest in this if you plan to take your air hockey table with you for travelling.

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