Air Hockey Table

Everything You Need To Know About Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a fun game that many take seriously. For some its entertainment and for others it’s just a casual way to have competitive fun. However, it takes up space, and the requirements for picking one up isn’t usually cheap.

There is a myriad of things needed to be understood before even buying a table. Consumers feel discouraged because of this and forget to make decisions when it comes to buying.

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey On Patio

To make a better decision, understand the specifics of the table you plan to purchase. For instance, you should know what features your hockey table has before even buying it. Most users make the mistake of buying without researching exactly what they need. We’ll help you by providing certain features to look for in a quality air hockey table.

Fortunately, we created this article to help you understand air hockey. The game is simple to play but hard to master. We give detailed information on how to play air hockey effectively and utilize the most out of your table. You’ll have a greater understanding of this competitive sport by the end of the article.

What Is An Air Hockey Table?

Air Hockey started back in the 1970s. The tables were designed to have a similar appearance to hockey rinks. Air hockey games are played in the same manner. The reason why air hockey was made was so that people could recreate the experience playing on a hockey field.

The tables come in different types to suit every level of gameplay:


You’ll want to have a lightweight table for beginners. Children and adults new to the game qualify as beginners of air hockey. A table under $100 is more than enough to help you learn the mechanics of the game. While the table is unstable, it’s good for practice and casual gameplay.


For intermediate players, look for a table that has a sturdier design and larger playing field. Most tables at this level are more durable and less likely to create dents which causes frustrating gameplay. Consider getting a

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