The Best 4 Player Round Air Hockey Tables

Traditional air hockey tables that you find in arcades or most commonly in stores have one downside: only two players can play at a time. If you have a big family or a large group of friends it would be better to look into four player air hockey tables. Particularly, round air hockey tables make playing with more people easier and they come with many of the same benefits as a traditional air hockey table, and then some.

Out of the leading models of round air hockey tables on the market we have selected three models that we think everyone will love. Playing on a round table is a bit different than a traditional rectangular air hockey table and can be a bit more challenging but that is the fun of it. So without further ado, let’s discuss the top three models.

Top Round Air Hockey Tables Comparison Chart


Item 5


MD Sports Air Hockey Table



Contemporary Design-Orbit Eliminator



BOWERY HILL Air Hockey Table



Best Round Air Hockey Table: MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table

Our Rating: (5/5)

The MD Sports four-player air hockey table looks like an old fashioned poker table and that is because it also doubles as one that can host up to eight people. The table has a cover to convert it from an air hockey table to a poker table. It has a non-slip bottom that is necessary for that casino style card game that adults will love for their downtime. 

More importantly, for air hockey the table comes with a high-powered blower system that makes it easy  to propel the puck across the playing surface which is 3/16 of an inch thick.

The built-in electronic scorer is accurate and includes sound effects which provide the complete arcade experience that people of all ages enjoy. Another important aspect of any air hockey table is its sturdiness since it tends to bear a lot of the players’ weight which is even more important when it’s four players at a time instead of two. This MD Sports’s table has a wide base and full leg panels that provide durability as well as stability during excited gameplay.


  • Can convert into a poker table
  • Electronic scorer with sound effects
  • Durable and stable
  • High-powered fan for low friction surface


  • Scoring system can have issues
  • May need more maintenance than the average table


For the price this table is a steal especially due to its two-in-one nature where friends and family can use this table for playing air hockey and card games. While there have been reports that the playing surface seems to need a frequent wipe down in order to prevent dead spots, that is not necessarily a deal breaker compared to the benefits.

Contemporary Design: Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey Game

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you are not a fan of the air hockey tables that have a very busy and loud design full of bright colors and vivid lights then you would love the Orbit Eliminator by American Heritage Billiards. This table has an elegant modern aesthetic that will blend in your home without sticking out like a sore thumb.

This four-player table is fifty-five inches long by fifty-five inches wide and thirty-one inches tall and will require plenty of floor space. It comes with two goal blockers, four strikers and four pucks. The 120 Volt blower system combined with the grain laminate finish makes this a top of the line model. And it comes with a one-year warranty which is rare for most models in this price range. But the table isn’t entirely somber; it features an LED scorer and goals that light up each time a goal is made.


  • Goals light up when you sink a puck
  • Elegant wood grain finish
  • Durable construction
  • Has a one year warranty


  • Scoring system can have issues
  • The Orbit Eliminator requires plenty of floor space


This gorgeous air hockey table will add to the aesthetics of any room while giving a lowkey arcade feel that adds to the excitement of playing air hockey.

Most Durable: BOWERY HILL 4 Player Air Hockey Table in Brown and White

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Bowery Hill’s model has been picked by us for a few important reasons. Firstly, it is very sturdy with a solid MDF construction that gives it the stability to withstand an intense round of air hockey. For this reason it also weighs a lot at one hundred and twenty-three pounds. Secondly, the table allows users to play in two, three, and four-player mode. Insert one of the goal blockers once you lose a round and increase the challenge for the remaining three players. Thirdly, this table has leg levelers which will let you adjust the height of the table if you have an uneven surface.

This table measures in at thirty-one inches tall, fifty-five inches wide, and fifty-five inches deep. The table’s deep brown finish allows it to fit in perfectly with most home decors while the bright flashing lights and electronic scoring system provides a traditional air hockey table feel, resulting in a perfect balance.

This package comes with four pucks, two goal blockers, and four strikers.


  • Easily blends into existing décor
  • Is very sturdy and stable
  • Electronic scorer
  • Leg levelers are designed to compensate for an uneven surface


  • Expensive
  • Maintenance required


In terms of quality, this model easily outperforms other models in this price range. Built tough, equipped with a powerful blower system, and designed to withstand heavy use, this model is a great choice for large families.

4-Player Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

4 player round air hockey tables don’t always need 4 players. You can play in two player or even three player mode. It is also great for those looking for a more challenging and fast-paced game experience than a traditional air hockey table provides.


As with traditional tables there are options for different space requirements but keep in mind that round air hockey tables will be bigger than most traditional tables. These round tables come in full-size but there are also compact models available. So if you have enough space this will enhance the room but if you are short on space another issue with these is that they don’t neatly fit into a corner of a room like rectangular tables do. These round tables are designed to be good looking and that is probably because if you invest in one you can’t just push it to the side. They have to be front and center. So always start with how much space you have when deciding which table to get.


Just like traditional tables smaller round air hockey tables come with a single blower whereas larger tables come with a dual blower design which will obviously be stronger. A powerful blower means there will be almost no friction on the table surface as the air is pushed up through the table's perforated surface and the puck can move faster and smoothly. 

While we are on the topic of the blower system please note that you have to regularly clean and do some maintenance of your table to prevent the air holes from becoming clogged up. 

The Beauty of Round Models

Round air hockey tables give you more options not just in how many players can play at a time but also how they play. A traditional air hockey table has a goal on each end of the table but the round tables have more which can also be blocked if wanted. Instead of one puck round tables can allow gameplay using two pucks and the players try to score on each other just like they would during a traditional air hockey game. You can play using the elimination method or you can form teams of two. The latter can be very fun as it allows you to try more complex moves and strategies. For instance, as your teammate focuses on one opponent, you can focus on another or pass the puck for making a shot. You need really sharp reflexes when you add another puck to the game which is why this is a great pick for those players who want a more challenging and exciting experience. Even when you choose to play one on one you will have more space to protect against shots. 

Best Features

  • Round air hockey tables usually either have larger goals or more than two goals resulting in more action and faster speeds. 
  • Goal blockers can be used for elimination games where one player is benched each round. 
  • Many tables will come with some great features that you may not find on the average air hockey table.
  • They will also include many of the same components and accessories such as blowers, leg levelers, pucks, strikers, and more.

Inserts for Goal Size Management

If you have not heard of goal inserts, they are little pieces that can be pushed into the goals in order to create a barrier so the puck isn’t able to slide in. This feature lets two or three player modes possible. You can also, of course, leave the goals open for a more challenging game. This way you can get some cardio done running back and forth to protect your much larger goal.


You have the option between going with old school scoring and electronic LED scoreboards which keep the score for you. Some people don’t feel like their air hockey table’s electronic scoreboard is accurate so they prefer a manual one that is usually a sliding abacus device to keep the score. 


There are some popular gameplay options and modes for round tables. Some of these we have already mentioned above including individual mode, elimination style, and team play. When it comes to round table air hockey there are no fast and hard rules as there would be in, say, a two player tournament match. This allows you to be much more creative and even invent your own rules when playing.

Pucks and Strikers

With a four-player table, you’ll get more pucks and strikers in a set. Higher priced models will come with extra pucks and accessories, and built-in storage bins that will allow you to neatly store the accessories and keep them easily accessible and organized.

Final Thoughts

Playing on a round air hockey table is very exciting and for most it is a new way to play air hockey. This is one indoor sport that really challenges your reflexes, skills, and speed while also providing some physical movement that is lacking in most video games. So you can alternate between the two and have more variety of things to do at home. Hopefully by now you have a better idea of how round air hockey tables work and which one is right for you depending on skill level, features, style, size, number of players, and more.

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