Is an air hockey table worth it?

Air hockey table is a fabulous addition to your home. It allows for a fun activity in the comfort of your home. Besides, the game can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. If you do it right, the sense of competition will make it even more indulging and fun for the family members. The fast-paced game can turn your passiveness into enthusiasm.

Is an air hockey table worth it

Is an air hockey table worth it

Benefits of air hockey table

Convenient & Fun

The portable air hockey tables can be folded, packed, and carried to any location you want. You can take it along on outdoor trips such as camping or picnics. You can hold various competitions between different family members or even an entire tournament. It can save your entertainment cost to a great extent; instead of taking your family out, you can make them busy at home. You can also use the air hockey table to reduce the screen exposure of your children. Air hockey is a productive and fun game to engage your children and bond with them. It has a positive impact on the child’s psychology.

Space Requirements

You do not need a lot of space to place an air hockey table. They are available in various sizes and combinations so you can easily choose the one that suits your house. You should always consider the room size before purchasing the air hockey table. If you have a small room, you should go for a table that leaves ample space for players to move about freely. You can also go for a portable tabletop air hockey table. Larger tables will usually cost more but with just a little research you can find a smaller table with much better features such as digital scoreboards.


The durability of the air hockey table depends on the material of construction. You can find cheap quality tables at nominal prices or premium quality ones at extremely high prices. Solid wood air hockey tables are expensive but they are pretty sturdy and can last for years with little maintenance.

Plywood air hockey tables are more suitable for small children but not for adults. They can break with little pressure. Steel tables are also highly durable and can absorb high pressure. The legs of the tables are very important and should be supported by levelers to level the table according to the floor surface. Rin walls made from nylon or aluminum provide excellent rebounding qualities allowing you high game speed. The electric-powered hockey tables are equipped with a powerful motor that pumps air and keeps the puck afloat with little effort. A good quality motor will not overheat while an ordinary one will have to be cooled down after a while and can also stop working entirely. Tabletop versions are usually lighter but are meant for young children. You can easily find a good quality tabletop air hockey table in the market.


You can find countless types of air hockey tables with a wide range of features. The price range is also very broad. This means that almost everyone can afford an air hockey table at home. The price for an ordinary air hockey table constructed from substandard plywood could be as low as $30 (depending on its size). However, these may not last very long. If the table legs are not durable they might break apart soon. 

Electric air hockey tables use a high-powered motor to provide air for their operations. They are also available in a range of products and features. These days air hockey tables are equipped with many new and advanced features. There are digital scoreboards that enable you to keep a record of the score. Many of these are powered by electric motors while some operate manually and on batteries.

Price is always an important consideration. However, we suggest that it's way better to buy an average-priced air hockey table that’s durable than buy a cheap and weak one that will break within days.


We believe air hockey tables are a very innovative and intriguing addition to your indoor games. We understand that it might not have the charm of going on camping adventures but it will help you spend quality time with your family and friends in the safe environment of your home. Even if you or your children are playing the game late at night you will not have to worry about safety. Some air hockey tables may take more space than others, however, most of them can be easily kept inside your room or garage.

Air hockey tables are also easy to pack and store. Some of them are foldable and portable. You can place them on a table and enjoy the game wholeheartedly. Since air hockey tables are available in different price ranges, you need to choose the most suitable one carefully. You can find an air hockey table within your budget but always give due consideration to quality.