Small Air hockey Pucks vs. Large Air hockey Pucks

Types of Air Hockey Pucks

There is a popularly held belief that people get whatever they pay for. This saying is valid in all spheres of life, including air hockey. When it comes to playing this game, air hockey tables play an essential role. Table manufacturers are required to manufacture a good product with a good price that will help them gain profit. Apart from manufacturing the table, they have to make sure that they maintain a balance between the quality of the table and its price. This is the reason there are various models available in the market having different quality and falling in different price ranges. Since tables with various prices are available in the market, it makes it convenient for people to buy it keeping in view their budget.

The biggest and the most essential difference between a commercial table and the rest is the size of the puck. Tables that are expensive have a big puck, while others come with a small size. The size of the puck tells you about the size of the air blower as cheaper tables are unable to sustain a large blower. 

These air blowers are quite expensive and since the manufacturers have to build tables that are affordable, they choose a smaller puck for them. This automatically reduces the price of the table. They install a small fan blower in these tables which can easily move the undersized puck. The manufacturers also use lightweight plastic for these tables to further cut down the cost. 

Air hockey tables are available in every size so that a greater number of people can buy it. Choosing the table completely depends on the consumers and their needs.

1. Large Pucks

A large size puck is completely sanctioned by the USAA. With a regulation size of 3 1/4, these pucks are used by manufacturers while making commercial tables. These tables are popular for their high quality parts and craftsmanship. One of the advantages of having a high quality table is that users will get a chance to experience a better game that is fast-paced. Due to their size and weight, these pucks do not fly off easily. A large sized puck is backed with a huge blower system as well.

Large Brybelly Air Hockey Pucks for Full Size Air Hockey Tables

2. Small Pucks

A table that has a small puck will not be USAA sanctioned. With 2 1/2 inch in diameter, these tables are not manufactured for tournaments. Since they are not obligated to meet any official standards or regulations, consumers are advised to carefully look out for various components and price ranges available in the market. There are various models available that will suit your budget and preferences. You just have to carefully see the specifications and features.

To make air hockey tables affordable, manufacturers use light quality plastic and puck. This makes the table cost less so more people can afford it. However, tiny pucks can cause ricochets of the wall and mallet which leads the puck to fly off the table. Still, there are various great models available that fall in the affordable category so you do not have to worry.

A small puck signifies a weak blower system. People who are looking for an air hockey table that will give them the experience of a tournament should definitely consider the puck size before investing in them.

One of the biggest problems of having a small size puck is that they are so light and small that you can misplace them easily. These pucks also land off the table during the game. Since air hockey involves a lot of tricks and techniques, having a small puck size can make it difficult for the player to perform those. A small blower system and puck can also have a negative impact on the shooting style.

Whenever you are buying an air hockey table it is recommended that you do proper research regarding these tables. Having a small puck means that these tables will not have the same blower system as available in professional tables.

Small Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and Pucks

Final Thoughts

Air hockey puck sizes differ keeping in view the kind of blower system the table is equipped with. These tables could either be manufactured for recreational purposes or commercial games. People who are looking around for these tables should check out the size of the puck to figure out the power and size of its blower system. However, if you are looking to buy just a new puck then it is recommended that you buy a puck which is according to the size of the puck that came with your table. Otherwise, you will face issues in making the puck move smoothly and it may end up flying off the table.