5 Tips to Make Your Air Hockey Table Slide Better

People who love to play games know that their playroom is imperfect without it having the best air hockey table. Despite being the top notch model of their lines, these tables have issues at times. This article will be of help to people who are new owners to air table hockey.

If you notice the clumsy flight of the puck, just follow the following tips and make your table slide better.


Over the period of time, the air hockey table will get scuffed and dirty which will cause difficulty in executing air hockey tricks and will also result in slow puck action. The maintenance of your table is one of the essential responsibilities of an air hockey owner. You won't have fun playing unless you keep your table in the best condition. The first and foremost thing to do is to make sure that the table top is smooth and nice. Once you figure out what the table surface is made of, it will be easier for you to maintain it accordingly.
Tables that are made for tournament use have a set of guidelines that they must follow during construction. While those constructed for recreational purposes are made out with less expensive materials to make them affordable to a large number of consumers. The table top is usually made out with lacquered and polished plastic, which is comparatively light and cheap.

Using The Correct Cleaning Items

Once you know the material of the table top, it gets easier for you to find the correct products to keep it smooth and clean. Some consumers mistakenly believe that using any product won't affect the quality of the surface; however, it is not true. Using the wrong items will corrode the quality and surface of the table.

There are various air hockey table reviews that tell you about specific products designed to clean and maintain these tables. Using these products will allow you to keep the surface smooth and free of debris without any damage.

Strict Cleaning Schedule

Even the best air hockey tables need to be cleaned at least once every month to have a slippery surface. Following this as a ritual will help to maintain a surface that is free from debris and dirt. Wiping the surface before every game is another option. Even though it is of utmost importance to keep the table cleaned yet going overboard with maintenance is strictly prohibited. Consumers are advised to either wipe it before every game or clean it once a month.

Apart from setting a routine, it is essential to choose the right kind of products. Cleaning products contain strong chemicals with bleach which has the power to corrode the surface and reduce the shine.

Recommended Products for Cleaning

Some cleaners may be cheaper than a dedicated polish but it is always better to invest in a product that will be useful in the longer run. Using products designed for air hockey tables is significant.

1. Lubricants

If you want your table to be smooth, it is essential that you use a spray silicone lubricant. This will allow you to enjoy a fast-paced game. However, going overboard with it may cause the table to become too slippery. Playing on an extra slippery table will make it difficult to anticipate the movement of the puck. All you have to do is spray a little lubricant on the surface and clean it with a piece of clean cloth.

Sun-Glo Silicone Spray

These lubricants last longer so you may not need to clean the surface for up to three months.

2. Fan Care

These tables are designed with fans underneath them that help to disperse air through tiny perforations. The air that blows through these holes lifts up the puck and facilitates it to move smoothly on the surface. If the fans are not cleaned they will negatively impact the puck and the game. Dirty and unmaintained fans will blow dust into the holes which will clog them. As a result, the puck will have reduced lifts.

Cleaning the fan requires carefully reading all the instructions that come with it. The size of air hockey pucks also plays an important role in this regard. Using an extra heavy puck for a certain table will have an impact on its movement on the surface.

You have to be extremely careful while cleaning the fan as it is tricky and may lead you to damaging the surface; using the right technique is the key. Some manufacturers advise utilizing a shop VAC at a slow speed and pace. Moving the hose gently over the holes will facilitate you in getting rid of the dirt and debris.

It is also recommended that you vacuum your fan once every week. This will prevent the debris and dirt buildup which later on becomes the main reason for slow puck action.

Final Thoughts

Since now you have to work on making your air hockey table slide smoother, the first thing is to read the user's manual and look for the recommendations of the manufacturers. These recommendations will include tips regarding cleaning frequency, troubleshooting and products to use. Purchasing a table cover is also recommended since it will prevent the table from any dust, dirt or debris. This will also lessen the need for maintenance and deep cleaning. These tables are a lot of fun but they require cleaning and maintenance.