Air Hockey Straight Shot – Fast Offensive Shot

Air Hockey- All About Straight Shots

Air hockey is a popular game where two players are playing opposite each other. They play on an air hockey table and score in the goals of their partner. These tables are available in various sizes and prices and have a unique low friction surface for the game to proceed smoothly.

Air hockey is an arcade game which is known to be one of the best games ever to be invented. It is a competitive sport which requires full effort from the players. These participants need to be fast, have a defensive strategy and take the offensive. Initially, air hockey was not a popular sport but gradually people from all over the world started loving it. There are various tournaments held round the year where great numbers of people participate. Numerous local matches are also organized. 

A set of rules and regulations have been devised by the USAA which is mandatory to follow in every air hockey tournament. The USAA has also provided strict guidelines for the air hockey tables. Only the tables that are made according to those guidelines could be used during a tournament.

To play this game, people use various techniques and strategies. These strategies allow them to keep their opponents guessing and make the game interesting. There are various shots that are used by players during the game. Some of the players like to depend on a single type of shot; however, it is not recommended. You should vary the sequence of your shot so it gets difficult to judge your next move.

Overview- Straight Shots

Using your mallet to hit your puck so that it travels straight towards the goal of your opponent is called a straight shot. It is recommended that air hockey players learn it as it will help them score points while they are on offense. This is one of the most unique shots of all. Since these shots will have a slight angle, they will become angle shots. A straight shot could only be used when your opponent leaves a gap open. This gap has to be across the table and from the position of your puck.

Level of Difficulty

Straight shots are rated 4 on 5 when it comes to difficulty. When you hear about these shots, they seem to be the easiest ones to perform. However, it is completely opposite. These shots could be the trickiest and the most difficult ones to perform as they require a proper hit from the correct position.  During the game, the puck is hardly ever in a stagnant position and is always moving. This makes it difficult to shoot the puck in a linear direction. It is recommended that you practice this shot again and again so you can master it. You are also required to hit the puck accurately instead of striking it off at an unintended angle.

Defending Straight Shots

A straight shot may sound simple and easy, but it is not. It is one of those master strokes that get the job done and catches the opponent out of position. You may feel frustrated during a game whenever your opponent uses this against you because there is absolutely nothing fancy about the shot but it helps them to score. 

The key to this shot is mastering its technique. If you are allowing too many of these shots to pass by, then, most likely, you are concentrating way too much on the offensive side- this is a red flag. You need to understand that there comes a point during the game where you have to drop the offensive side and start playing in the defensive mode. It is neither necessary and nor recommended to wait for your opponent to strike a shot first. You can get into the position whenever you feel like they are going to take a shot.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey is a game which is well liked by a lot of people. There are various air hockey tournaments held at various locations. Some people enthusiastically participate in them, while others attend it as audience members. There are various tips, tactics and strategies employed by players during a match. It is advised that you learn these strategies so it gets easier for you to score points. Knowing about various types of shots is also essential. Some players rely on a single shot which is not at all recommended. 

Experts are of the opinion that people who are participating in any forthcoming match should practice a lot. They should practice with different opponents so they can learn new techniques and strategies. These players should master their strong points and work on the weaker ones.