Air Hockey Trick Shots – Deceptive Shooting Techniques

Air Hockey- Trick Shots

Also known as pump shots or pot shots, air hockey trick shots are extremely popular in professional tournaments. These shots are about speed, deception and timing. The key to trick shots is to change the sequence of your shots so your opponent becomes unable to guess your next move. Once you learn the art of striking your puck using the mallet, you will experience a whole new side of air hockey that was never seen before.

Following are some of the trick shots that will help you score again and again.

1. One Two

This particular shot consists of two moves in one. It is designed to puzzle your opponent. In this move, it will seem as if the puck is bouncing; however, the player will strategically make it look like that only. They will strike it onto the bank and ultimately it will reach its goal.

If you want to perform this move, you have to strike the puck towards the opponent and direct it towards any one corner. If the move gets executed correctly, you will see the puck hitting the top and then the bottom of that corner. After bouncing twice as soon as the puck deflects back towards you, you have to make sure that you strike it in the direction where it will hit the rail and land right into the goal.

It is recommended that you avoid slowing down the puck when it is coming back towards you. Doing so will make your game predictable and will give a hint to your opponent about your move.

2. Casting Cut

Casting cut is simpler than one two yet it is considered as one of the most effective trick shots. This shot can be used only after the opponent has scored. Most of the time, beginners get super excited after they hit the puck right into the goal but the casting cut will remove that smile off their face. To execute this shot, wait for your opponent to make a goal. Once that is done, float your puck diagonally in the opposite direction of your goal.

When you see your puck drifting, strike it in the opposite corner or area of the goal. For example, if the puck is floating towards the left, you have to aim for the right corner.

If you execute the whole move correctly, your opponent will be busy focusing on the movement of the puck. Even before they realize, you will strike the puck in the opposite area of the goal.

3. Chase Shot

Similar to the one two shot, the chase shot also depends on rails to set up the shot. The main purpose of this shot is to keep the puck moving so the person playing opposite to you gets confused. If you execute it correctly, your competitor's striker won't be near the right place as the puck will keep moving down towards the center of the air hockey table.

To perform this move, you have to strike the puck off your rail. This hit will make it go into the corner of your opponent. 

The first aim of this move is to strike the puck into your competitor's corner and then again in your corner. The puck will bounce multiple times at your side around your goal. Once it is in the perfect position, strike it into the goal which is across the table.

Level of Difficulty of Trick Shots

Trick shots help you a lot throughout the game; however, they are not so easy to execute. Just like a strong pitcher knows how to disguise his pitch, similarly, you have to know how to keep your trick shots low key. The idea is to net let your next move get telegraphed by your opponent. You need to be quick enough so that your opponent gets puzzled and becomes unable to react to the situation.

It is advised that you avoid creating an environment where your opponent could guess your move. It is also recommended that you change your shot sequence and lessen the amount of trick shots. If you keep using them again and again, your opponent will be ready for it and trick shots will lose their essence.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey is a well known sport which is played enthusiastically by a great number of people. There are various strategies and techniques used by professional players. Some of these tips and tactics are given in this guide for people who want to level up their game. It is not at all necessary that you have to learn these only if you are playing at a professional level. These tips will also help you if you play it as a hobby and wish to improve your game.