Professional Air Hockey Tricks and Shots Types

Air hockey is a great game to play for fun, but it bears great returns if played on a professional level. To become an air hockey expert, it is very important to have a proper know-how of the different types of shots and tricks that will ensure you win.

Straight Shots

Contrary to its name, this shot is quite hard to master and ranks at 9 on a scale of 10. This is because it requires a precise angle to be shot right into the opponent’s goal. However, it is just as important to learn because it is great for scoring quick goals in an offense position. This means that you should only opt for a straight shot if you see your opponent’s goal empty straight ahead of your puck. On the other hand, if your opponent uses these against you, switch to defense position in order to block them. 

Bank Shots

There are two types of bank shots, single bank shots and double bank shots. These are the best shots to score a goal if you want to confuse your opponent. In a single bank shot, you strike your puck so that it bounces off the wall once and then towards the other goal. 

Only use this shot in an offense position if you feel that your shots are becoming too predictable and your opponent is blocking them easily. They are known to be the most popular shot in professional air hockey.

To shoot a single bank shot, strike the puck from behind. This will require a lot of energy, but hitting from a 180 degree angle will ensure that the puck only hits the wall once. 

Double Bank

As opposed to a single bank shot, in a double bank shot, the puck hits the wall more than once. This could be twice or more, depending on the size of the air hockey table. To shoot a double bank shot, hit the puck from a slight angle. This uses much less force as compared to a single bank shot, thus increasing the speed of the puck. However, both bank shots require extreme practice and precision because it is very easy to miss the goal, especially when your shot hits the wall multiple times. Vary the force with which you hit the puck until you find the exact intensity you need to score a goal.

Trick Shots

There are a number of trick shots that you can use to confuse your opponent. A perfect example is the One Two shot. This is designed to make your opponent believe that you do not have control over the puck, but it actually consists of strategic moves before the puck reaches the goal. Deliberately hit the edge of the opponent’s goal so that the puck strikes back to your end. As it comes to you, shoot it straight into the goal. However, you need to do this process very quickly before your opponent can make out your strategy.

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