Professional Air Hockey Tricks and Shots Types


Air hockey is one of those games that you cannot just start playing and enjoy. You have to learn the rules of the game to have the real fun. Air hockey is one of the most joyous games which could get competitive at the same time. People who love to play it visit arcades every now and then to have exciting matches.

If you are someone who often plays air hockey with their friends, you would know the basic rules, but it is even better if you learn some air hockey tricks and shots as they help you strengthen your game play. It is an extremely fun game to play; however, losing match after match could get humiliating. If you are a frequent air hockey player, you would know how it feels to hear the puck ratting on your side of the table signaling your defeat. Maybe it was your friend who defeated you, your wife or maybe your kid. It is an awful feeling that you have to deal with until the next game comes around. Until then, you can prepare yourself to take on the next match by polishing your air hockey skills and working on your weak areas. In the following article, we have highlighted some professional air hockey tricks and shots types that will help you in winning air hockey matches. Read it thoroughly as it is super helpful.

Types Of Shots

1. Straight Shot

A straight shot may sound like the simplest and most straightforward type of shot; however, contrary to its name, this shot is difficult to master. A straight shot is a wonderful tool which helps you take advantage of the opponent who is not paying attention to the game or who is out of position. It is a tricky shot because most of the air hockey pucks move in an angled direction as the table is rectangular in shape which makes it difficult to master a straight shot. However, once you practice and become an expert at it, you can use it to defeat advanced level players as well.

2. Bank Shot

There are two types of bank shots- over and under bank shots. No matter which type of bank shot you choose, your goal should be to strike the back of the puck rather than its sides. Shots that strike the puck from behind go faster and bank once before entering the goal. 

Both types of bank shots do not require any specific knowledge of geometry or math as they are simple to understand. An over shot requires you to hit the back of the puck against one of your side rails on your side of the table. This helps you create a bank shot that goes over the paddle of your opponent.

On the other hand, when shooting an over shot, you have to hit the puck against one of the rails present on your opponent’s side of the table. This creates a sharp-angled shot that goes under the paddle of your opponent. 

In short, when your opponent is guarding the goal closely then choose the over bank shot, otherwise choose an under bank shot.

3. One-Two Shot

This is a tricky shot, so it is recommended that you practice a lot before implementing it. In these shots, you make it look like the puck is out of your control. You aim to bank it off the corner from your opponent’s side of the table to yours. As the puck is coming back towards you, you have to neatly strike it back towards your opponents net hoping that you score a goal. 

4. Casting Cut Shot

This shot requires you to have possession of the puck. It is similar to the one-two shot but a bit more complex than that. In this shot you aim it twice in any one of your opponent’s corners. When it comes back to you, you have to bank it twice in your corners and then hit it towards the goal. This shot requires a lot of practice but once you master it, other players won’t be able to follow.

5. Trick Shot

There are a number of trick shots that you can use to confuse your opponent. A perfect example is the One Two shot. This is designed to make your opponent believe that you do not have control over the puck, but it actually consists of strategic moves before the puck reaches the goal. Deliberately hit the edge of the opponent’s goal so that the puck strikes back to your end. As it comes to you, shoot it straight into the goal. However, you need to do this process very quickly before your opponent can make out your strategy.

How To Win An Air Hockey Game

If you want to win an air hockey game, the first and foremost thing you need to do is know the basic rules of the game. This includes rules regarding the number of mallets and pucks on the playing field, who gets to serve, changing sides of the table, time-outs, etc. Along with these rules, you should also know when you have scored- the first player who scores more wins. There are situations when the scores do not count, so it is essential that you know all about it. 

If you want to win an air hockey game, make sure you take a close look at how professionals hold the mallet and do it like them. Using the right technique helps you gain more speed and leverage. 

It is also important that you take control of the puck and then deceive the defense. Instead of hitting the puck, you should try to move it one way and strike another way. Along with knowing the basic rules, the tricks mentioned above in this guide will help you win an air hockey match.


This guide has some of the finest professional air hockey tips that will change your air hockey game for the best. Along with some amazing strategies, it also includes the types of air hockey shots that will help you strengthen your game play. Even though some of these shots require hard work and practice, once you master them, no one will be able to beat you in an air hockey match.