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Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table Review

You need to get the right information when looking for a table worth your time and money. Something like the Triumph Fire n Ice is meant to be a source of entertainment. No one wants to be responsible for buying something that doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

We understand the complications that come with this product. The table comes at a low price of only a few hundred dollars. While the price is high, you’re getting a valuable air hockey table that will be reliable and durable.

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table Pucks and Paddles

The limited product info available elsewhere on the web makes it hard to understand what you are paying for. We tested and consider this table one of the best, in terms of entertainment value and price. We compiled resources from specific areas to give you an accurate representation of the Triumph Air Hockey Table. Also, we use consumer reviews to fill you in on information that we may miss out on.

About The Product

The Triumph Fire ‘n Ice Air Hockey Table consists of a sturdy table that’s fun for kids to play with. For instance, it comes with an electronic scoring board that helps them keep track of the score of the game. We suggest this air hockey table if your child wants to engage in a casual style of air hockey.

Triumph is the company behind this child air hockey table. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality entertainment for family and friends with their products. You’ll find out that this table increases the fun factor of your child’s air hockey experience.


  • LED Blue/Red Light Included
  • Adjustable Leg Cross for table positioning
  • Consists of one LED puck & two LED hockey pushers
  • Sturdy & Durable built table
  • Glow in the Dark Compatible Gaming
Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table Top

We notice a lot of reasons why the product is made. When looking in depth of this air hockey table, it was made for child entertainment. Since the board comes with an adjustable four leg cross, it makes it easier for them to play it at almost any level of elevation. Thus, this board is a good choice for one who wants versatility.

What Others Say

We have also found numerous customer testimonials and compiled some of the more common patterns throughout said testimonials to cover any spots we may have missed during our review process.

Most customers are happy with the overall design of the air hockey table. For instance, it comes with a LED system that adds excitement to your child’s gameplay. We suggest using this table if you need something that can keep your excited about air hockey.

Another feature that has been mentioned across multiple customer testimonials is the table’s easy assembly. For instance, the Triumph Air Hockey Table requires only 30 minutes to set up. This might be a good choice for those wanting something that can be quick to start up.

There was some criticism directed towards the lack of stability. Most users complained about the screws becoming weak within 3 weeks of use. The screws start to loosen up and causes the table to break if left unattended. We suggest buying a replacement set of screws if this problem occurs.

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

1. See Your Child's Needs

We understand that you are excited purchase a table for your kids. But, you’ll realize that your child’s needs are the deciding factor in buying this table. Figure out if you child wants an arcade air hockey table like this one before going out to make a purchase.

But, for children who are serious about playing air hockey competitively, this table can only do so much. Get a professional air hockey table if you want them to improve their skills. Understanding your child needs helps you make the final purchase a lot easier.

Kids Playing on Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table

2. Create a Good Budget

Most shoppers forget to create a budget. Remember, making a budget for your air hockey table makes it easier to get a table that is worth your money.

This table is inexpensive when considering value for price. While price is not a primary factor in deciding a table, you should figure how much you can afford for one. Make sure to write down a minimum and maximum price that you want to pay and then create a decision based off it.

3. Look Out for Third Party Sites

Watch out for third-party air hockey review sites online. These third-party sites trick readers by giving out false information. Use Amazon if you need a reliable site to get high-quality air hockey tables. Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and has guaranteed that your table will reach your door.

4. Research Before Buying a Table

Make sure to do proper research before the purchase of a table. Over 40% of online shoppers don’t use resources provided by them. This small mistake leads them into losing a lot of money in the process.

Start off by looking at the consumer reviews of the table. Consumer opinion is important and understanding them to help you get an inside look at the air hockey table. Weigh in the pros and cons of each table that you are planning to buy.

Next, find the features of the table that you need to buy. Features can make or break the utility you get from the table. For instance, does the table have large rink walls? Asking questions like these will help you get a better grasp on what you want in an air hockey table.

Search on Amazon for the product you desire after finding the features that you need. Your desires are important and are sometimes more important than the price of the product that you are buying. After that, you can purchase the hockey board that suits your needs the best.

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table

Our Rating


To conclude, we believe that the Triumph Air Hockey table is a great addition to your household. Your children will have fun learning the basic mechanics of air hockey. Since the table comes with a LED system, it’s fun to play after dark.

We recommend this air hockey table because of the experience it gives to the user. Children of the ages 5-10 find this table entertaining and competitive at the same time. You’ll find that your child has a higher appreciation for competition. Overall, this table is perfect for kids wanting to have fun to learn air hockey!

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