Types of Air Hockey Tables

When buying an air hockey table, it’s important to decide the purpose of use; are you buying it for professional playing, practice or simply for entertainment? This will determine the type of air hockey table that you need to buy. Here are the 4 main categories that air hockey tables fall into.

Compact Air Hockey Tables

A compact air hockey table is best suited for both kids, as well as adults, who enjoy playing a game of air hockey at home. The two major advantages you’ll get from compact air hockey tables are the price and size. They measure a 60 inches surface on average with a 4-5 ft height, depending on the age group you are buying for. This compact size allows you to fit it even within bedrooms and small game rooms. Plus, a smaller table costs less, thus being budget friendly for all air hockey enthusiasts.
A good option in this category is the ESPN Air Powered table. Its overhead scorer allows you to keep track of the score throughout and its durability is great for rough play.  

Tabletop Air Hockey Tables

As the name suggests, a tabletop air hockey table can be placed on a smooth surface for playing. The advantage of this is, that it is compact and portable so you can take it with you on a family vacation or friends getaway, but keep in mind that this table is not for professional games. Tabletop air hockey tables are best suited for entertainment purposes only.  

A good option when buying a tabletop air hockey table is Playcraft’s Sport air hockey table. It comes with a 40-inch surface and small legs that can be placed on any smooth surface. 

Average Size Air Hockey Tables

Average sized air hockey tables are perfect for both arcade style gaming and those who are practicing for profession level championships. They come with a surface length of around 84 inches and a height of 5-6 ft, thus are only suited for adults. Bigger tables are often more costly, so you can also opt for used air hockey tables, but make sure you buy a durable table that is in good condition.
A good option when buying an average sized air hockey table is the Triumph-Lumen X Lazer air hockey table. It is 5 ft high with curved edges for added safety. It also features LED lighting which looks great in a dimly lit arcade. 

Large Sized Air Hockey Tables

A large or full sized air hockey table measures, on average, 90 inches in length and 50 inches in width. This means that not only will it require plenty of space in a room, but it will also come with a hefty price tag. Thus, you should only make this investment if you plan to play on a professional level.
The ESPN 7-foot air hockey table is a great option in this category. It features an LED scoreboard and push control buttons for better gameplay. It is also equipped with special sound effects and floor levelers, making it a premium choice for an air hockey enthusiast.