Playcraft Sport Table Top 40 inch Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

One thing consumers complained about was the lack of quality information on this air hockey table. There is virtually no site that offers an accurate review on this high-quality table. Fortunately, we’ve compiled information from verified sources to give you the knowledge that you are seeking.

Throughout this article, we will review the Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top. We discuss the pros and cons associated with this table. Also, we include opinions from verified consumers to provide information on aspects that we have missed out on.

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey on White Backgorund

Additionally, we’ve created a buyer’s guide. The buyer’s guide goes in depth on certain things you need to look out for when buying an air hockey table. Overall, you’ll have the confidence to make a rational decision by the end of this article.

At times, all you are looking for is a simple and minimalistic way of entertainment. If you are looking for a game that your children will adore, PlayCraft Sport 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey should be your pick. It is small, handy and cheaper as compared to other air hockey games. It is ideal for those with space constraints as it is 40 inches in length. Your children can play this fun air hockey game anywhere at any time.

It is not meant for intense plays as it is inclined towards a toy like game rather than an actual game. The accessories are small in size, the MDF material used for the game set’s construction makes it durable and lasts a bit longer. It has a standard 110V fan blower for a continuous air flow. The design is portable thus making it convenient to set up and easy to use wherever required.

About the Product

The Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table is designed for children at the ages of 5-10 years old. It comes with a ABS puck catcher which makes it easier to receive the puck. Also, the table features a hard wood frame to keep the table sturdy.

Playcraft’s mission statement is to provide high quality game tables, pool tables and accessories at an affordable price. The company delivered products of exceptional value for over three decades. Thus, we believe that this company offers the best air hockey tables in the market.

Playcraft Sport Table Top Features

  • 100 CFM motor
  • 40-inch tabletop model suited for kids
  • ABS puck retrieval system
  • Includes 2 pucks and 2 strikers
  • HDF hardwood material for added durability
Playcraft Sport 40-inch Air Hockey Table

Playcraft Sport 40-inch Air Hockey Table

Playcraft created this table for children. Additionally, people who have little space find this table useful. Since the table is 40” in length, it’s only suitable for casual gameplay. Thus, we suggest this table for those who wants to play a simple game of air hockey.

Playcraft Sport Table Top Specs



Product Dimensions

40 x 20 x 8 inches

Assembled Product Weight


Playcraft Sport Table Top Rating by Features

East to assemble

4.5 out of 5


4.4 out of 5

Value for money

4.4 out of 5

Results Gained From This Product

1. Entertaining For Kids

This is a mini air hockey table. Also, the accessories were made for people with small hands. Due to its small size, this table is a great source of entertainment for children.

How to make this air hockey table entertaining to your child? Try to get them engaged with the sport. By playing with your child, they will find the game more interesting to get involved with. The Playcraft Air Hockey Table a good way to keep your children entertained with its innovative gameplay.

2. Durable

Most cheap air hockey tables are made of plastic and break easily. For such a small table, we are surprised at this table’s sturdiness. Since it is constructed with MDF hardwood, it’s able to stay grounded during intense gameplay.

3. Quick Assembly

Setting up air hockey tables can take an extensive amount of time. But with the Playcraft Air Hockey Table, it takes only 20 minutes for it to be properly installed.

Read the instructions once you receive the table. After that, place the screws inside the guide holes of the table. Because of its simple design, the table is easy to set up and play.

4. Inexpensive

You can get your hands on a quality air hockey table for the low price of $69. Despite its low price, the table offers a lot of value. With features such as HDF constructed hardwood, you’re getting a table that combines form and function. We suggest getting this table if you have a small budget and need something entertaining for the time being.

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey on White Backgorund

Our Rating

4.4 out of 5

What We Liked and Disliked About Playcraft Sport Table Top 


  • Occupies small space
  • Easy to use and handy
  • Designed specifically for children
  • Affordable


  • Not sturdy enough for intense plays
  • Low powered fan blower
  • No scoring method

What Others Say

We have also found numerous customer testimonials and compiled them to cover any parts we may have missed during our review process. Most customers like the reliability of this table. For instance, the pucks glide smoothly around the table. Thus, table remains sturdy so that children can play it continuously.

Another feature which has been mentioned across customer testimonials is the ABS puck retriever. Due to intense gameplay, pucks can fall off the table. But, the puck is stored inside the retriever so that it doesn’t get lost. Thus, we suggest using this table if you want a safe environment to play air hockey.

There was some criticism directed towards the lack of a score holder on the table. Consumers suggested that adding a score holder would enhance their children’s air hockey experience. This might be a problem for those wanting a table that keeps track of who’s winning.

Despite the criticism, it’s a good child air hockey table. Its small size makes it easier for them to utilize the strikers and the pucks effectively. Overall, this game table is perfect for casual play amongst children.

Buying Advice

1. Understand the Size

This table designed by Playcraft is 40 inches by dimensions. Because of this, the accessories are designed for children. While adults can play on this board, they must play lighter than usual. Mainly, this table is good if you have a little bit of room to play on.

2. Check Out the Air Flow of the Fan

Consumers complained about the air flow of the fan. While it does blow at 100 CFM, it isn’t powerful enough to last in the long term. Thus, we suggest keeping the fan properly maintained so that it can work.

3. Buy Additional Pucks

We suggest buying an additional set of pucks for your air hockey table. Pucks can get lost during gameplay. There is nothing more frustrating than to quit a game due to a lack of pucks. By buying spare pucks, you can continue to keep the game going.

Playcraft Sport Table Top Air Hockey


To conclude, the Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table is a great addition to one’s rec room. It is designed for kids; helping them get acquainted with the mechanics of air hockey. With features such as an ABS puck retriever and crafted out of hardwood, there’s no doubt why this table is great for the family.

We recommend this child air hockey table for families with young children. Also, casual players with a small amount of space could find this table of use. Ultimately, you should buy this table if you want to maximize your air hockey experience.

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