Air Hockey Air Blowers & Table Motors

If you are a true air hockey enthusiast, you should know all about the air blowers, otherwise known as table motors, used in air hockey tables. This component is undoubtedly the most important part of an air hockey table as, without it, the game would be lifeless and drab. More importantly, you need to know all about table motors because this component requires a lot of care from your end in order to keep functioning smoothly. But what is the function of this component? And why is it so important to the game? Read on to find out the answers to all of these questions and more as we explore air hockey table motors in greater detail.

About Air Hockey Table Motors

If you’ve ever wondered what those small holes on the top of the air hockey table are for, look no further. The basic task of the table motor is to create an air flow, which is then sent up to the surface of the table through these holes, allowing the puck to slide smoothly across the table. For this very reason, the table motor is referred to as the ‘air blower’ of the air hockey table. It is essential for creating smooth movement across the air hockey table and making the game fast and exciting. Try playing a game with the blower turned off and you will see exactly what we mean when we say that it is necessary for a fun and exciting game.

Many enthusiasts even refer to the air blower as the heart and soul of the game, which explains why this is often the most expensive component of the table. That is why it is extremely important for you to take good care of the table motor. If it stops working, not only will you be unable to play the game properly, but you will also have to spend a hefty amount of money in getting a replacement.

Taking Care of Your Air Hockey Table Motor

If you want to avoid spending an extravagant amount of money on buying a new table motor, you simply have to do one thing: take care of your current motor! Don’t worry, the process doesn’t require too much effort on your part. All you have to do is check up on your table motor annually and give it a thorough cleaning.

The thing is, as you play air hockey and the table motor sends up air to facilitate your game, it inevitably accumulates dirt and debris which hampers its ability to create an air flow. You will be able to tell when this happens even without looking at the motor because it will affect your game and make the puck move at a more sluggish pace on the surface. When this happens, you know that you have to take a look at your motor.

Cleaning your air blower depends on the model you have. Some of the nicer (and pricier) models have built-in air filters that capture the dirt and debris so that you can simply empty out the filter and put the motor back in. If you don’t have this model, however, we recommend that you use a can of compressed air or an air compressor to flush out the dirt and debris. If you don’t have either of those on hand, you may also use a microfiber cloth to gently clean the motor.

If you notice that your filter remains dirty even after you clean it and the puck doesn’t move smoothly with the filter on, you have no option but to visit the hardware store and purchase another motor. There are many options available in the market. So depending on your budget, the size of your air hockey table and the features you are interested in, you can look and choose from the several different options.

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Air Hockey Table Motor Considerations

The size of your air hockey table is an important consideration in deciding on the model of your table motor. The general rule is that the larger your air hockey table, the more powerful your table motor will need to be to make the puck move smoothly and rapidly across the entire length of the table. The size of your puck also matters, although it is not nearly as important, as a smaller puck will require less air pressure and a larger puck will require greater air pressure.

If you have a tournament grade table, which is any table around 8 feet in length, you will most likely need to buy an expensive and powerful table motor to go with it. Some air blower models may even cost you $400 for an 8-foot table. That is why you also need to be cautious when making a decision about what table model you are buying. In most cases, people buy air hockey tables for fun and not to become professional players, which is why a smaller table is the more sensible and affordable choice for them. Smaller tables need motors that are less powerful and have lower voltage, which is obviously less costly for the customer. 

If you find that your old table motor has stopped working adequately and are looking to purchase a replacement motor, you need to find a motor that is more or less the same size as your old motor to create the same amount of pressure for your puck to move.


Now that you know all about the basics of an air hockey air blower, make sure that you don’t let this knowledge go to waste and take care of your table motor!