How to Win at Air Hockey Games – Tips and Tricks Explained

Air hockey is known to be the most loved arcade style games ever. To play this competitive game, players are required to have a lot of patience, skills and speed. They are required to be fast and have an amazing defensive strategy. These air hockey tips and tricks mentioned in this guide will allow you to score against your opponent. These tactics will help you to dominate a match by demonstrating your best air hockey table tricks.

Key Takeaway: 

Using the correct defensive stance, looking out for rebounds and practicing trick shots prior to using them in a match.

Sinking The Puck

To reach top puck speed, the first thing needed for the players to know is how to strike a puck. It is recommended that you maintain an aggressive contact with the puck and move the striker into the puck in your preferred direction. Unlike people who are new to this game, a professional player knows exactly how to hit the puck in the right direction and score.

Looking Out for Rebounds

Hitting the puck incorrectly will lead you to deal with ricochets off the rear wall. It gets humiliating and frustrating for one to score on themselves, so it is advised that you keep a vigilant eye on the puck. It will help you in anticipating any rebounds that may occur from your shot so you can close them quickly. People who get back to their defensive position after hitting the puck just to prevent their puck from sinking is considered as a wrong move.

Double Bank Strategy

To play an offensive shot, it is advised that an air hockey player does not use the double bank strategy. During a double bank shot, the best air hockey pucks hits itself into the wall; it slows down itself and takes longer to get to the opponent's goal. It gives them additional time to have the right defensive strategy.

Defensive Strategy

It is important to have a defensive strategy but it does not mean that you have to cover the table by leaning on it. Most of the players use this strategy; however, it creates problems later on in the game. Blocking a shot is a priority when it comes to defensive strategy. Even though snatching a missed shot is also essential, it is not as important as blocking a shot. Having proper defense mechanics makes it easier for players to block a shot.

Avoid Overcomplicating Your Shots

Doing an extra complicated shot may land the player into trouble. It is a red flag that most of the players do not know about. Players should know how to execute major shots from the right place and in the right direction.

Adjust Your Defense

In an air hockey match, it is important for the player to know how to adjust his defense stance. It involves paying attention to your opponent's shot as it will help you anticipate the movement of the puck.

Practicing Trick Shots

Tricks shots can help you win the game if you use them at the right time. Even if you are playing against a highly experienced opponent, using the correct trick shot can help you score. Although these shots can prove to be a game changer, they are a bit difficult to learn. However, once you get the hang of it, you can ace any air hockey match.

Everything You Need To Know To Be A Great Air Hockey Player

Air Hockey Tables

People who have an air hockey table at home are recommended to practice prior going to the match. This allows them to work on their trick shots, defense skills and learn more about the game, in general. When you are practicing you also figure out what not to do when you are playing against an experienced player. There are some air hockey tables that provide the right arcade experience but they may be too large and expensive to be bought.

Various other models are available that will help you in perfecting your strategies.

Controlling The Puck

Controlling the puck is another trick that must be learnt. Improving puck control includes everything, from catching the puck to learning how to move it. The first thing a player should focus on is to catch the puck. Once that is done, they should gain control before executing a shot.

Problem With Offense

Players advance super quickly when it comes to defense. However, skilled players know that this is not the right way to go about it. They are aware of the fact that mastering each step is essential; otherwise the game will have major holes at the end. This won’t let them exploit the errors made by their opponents. Once you focus on each of the steps, it will become easier for you to anticipate your opponent's move. It is significant that you know what your opponent is up to as it will facilitate you in scoring on them.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended that you practice before you go to the air hockey match. If you do not get a lot of time, practice once every week and make the most out of it. Practice against various opponents so you know how to defend yourself and use the right strategy. Pay attention, learn from your mistakes, know your weaknesses and work on them. These tips and tricks will definitely help you during the process.