Air Hockey Shots – Straight, Angle, Bank & Trick Shooting

Air Hockey- Tips, Techniques and Types of Shots

Air hockey is a competitive sport which is enjoyed by people who like playing it. Becoming a professional air hockey player requires a lot of practice and knowing various tips and techniques. However, every person who plays air hockey does not wish to become a professional player. This does not mean that they lack the competitive spirit to play the game. 

There are two key elements to master if you plan on improving your game. The first and foremost is to know how to drift the puck. This basically means that you take the puck towards the centerline to set your shot. The second element is to know your shooting zone. Knowing your shooting zone will help you hit the puck accurately. These are the two basic concepts that you should master before moving on to the tactical levels to upgrade your game. Following are some of the tips that will help you learn more about the game.

Tips And Techniques For Air Hockey Lovers

1. Practicing Slow Shots First 

Some people believe that playing at full speed from the beginning helps. However, this is not true. Like every human child, you need to crawl before you walk. Choosing to take a slow approach helps players in understanding various angles. It will also allow you to understand your accuracy in a better way. Once you are comfortable with all these shots then you can increase the speed of your game.

2. Shoot With Wrist

While you can increase the puck’s speed by an exaggerated arm thrust; however, it is not recommended. There are a few reasons behind it. The first reason is that too much movement of the arm will produce a lot of energy which can lead your puck to fly off the table. This makes you lose a scoring opportunity. Another reason is that if you keep moving your arm very far, it will cause your rebound offense to become weaker.

3. Keep Changing Your Strategy

It is recommended that you keep your opponents guessing your next move.  If they know about your next move because of its repetition, you may face issues. Once your opponent guesses your strategy it becomes easier for them to win. It is recommended that you keep changing your shots which includes your goal and position as well. This sport requires both your  mental and physical presence.

4. Add Some Juke Moves

If, at any point during the game, you feel like your opponent knows your strategy, break out some juke moves before hitting the actual shot. You should not use juke moves again and again because they will consider it a strategy and will start looking out for it.

5. Find Tough Competition

Before you go for a match, you need to practice a lot. You cannot learn much from people who you can easily beat. You should find different opponents to play with. Doing this will help you know about different strategies, tips and techniques. People who challenge you during a game will help you get better at it.

Types of Air Hockey Shots

There are various kinds of air hockey shots. Even though the offensive side is extremely essential, yet it is not recommended to rely completely on it. There are various games that you can easily play just by learning a single shot but air hockey does not work like this. It is advised that you learn various kinds of shots because if your shots become repetitive, your opponent will telegraph you easily.

These are some of the shots that you should master:

1. Straight Shots

straight shot is the one which is hit from the offensive side. It goes in a linear direction towards the opponents goal.

2. Bank Shots

Whenever a puck hits one side rail during a game and lands into the goal, that is referred to as a bank shot. Depending on the defender’s mallet, banks can be overs or under. Pucks can go under the mallet or over the top.

3. Double Bank

Just like a single bank shot, a double bank shot is when the puck strikes off the wall before hitting the goal. However, the main difference is that it should strike two walls prior to scoring.

4. Trick Shots

Trick shots are about deception, timing and speed. The most essential element here is to keep varying your shots so your opponent  fails at guessing your shot sequence and type.

Final Thoughts

People all over the world love to play air hockey. Some of them play it as a hobby, while others take it to a professional level. The game requires its players to know certain tips and techniques. Those who are well-prepared have higher chances of winning air hockey matches.