Where You Can Buy Air Hockey Parts & Accessories

When you have an air hockey table, it is almost impossible that you won’t have to replace and repair air hockey table parts. The durability of any air hockey table depends on various features and factors, but specifically how it is being taken care of. If you want your table to last long, then make sure that its maintenance should be your priority. This will also save you from any inconvenience and disturbance during your game. 

Since this topic is not very popular, you won't have a lot of resources that will answer your queries. However, you are lucky enough as this article has a lot of information that will help you in buying air hockey table parts and accessories. 

Types of Air Hockey Parts That Need Replacement

  • Table Top Air Hockey
  • Arcade Air Hockey Table
  • Combination Air Hockey Table

There are various types of air hockey tables available in the market. All of these tables fall in different price ranges, have different features and are made with different quality materials. No matter how durable your table is, you will have to replace and repair the parts after some time. Along with the air hockey table parts, you will also have to replace air hockey table accessories which include pucks, mallets, puck housing, scorekeepers, etc. There are various kinds of air hockey replacement parts and accessories available which include air hockey table legs, air hockey table blowers, air hockey table tops, pucks, mallets and air hockey scoreboard replacement parts.

Why You Need To Replace Air Hockey Table Parts

If an air hockey table is maintained properly, it can last up to 8 years or more. If you want to enhance your table’s lifespan and want it to provide you with a smooth gameplay then you will have to replace a few of its accessories or parts that may have worn out with its overtime use or that may have gotten lost. Along with this, a few accessories also break when someone steps on it by mistake. If you already have an air hockey table or if you are planning on buying one, then make sure you know that it will require some money and time to be spent on it after some time. 

All air hockey tables brands require different parts, for example, the Harvard air hockey tables parts will be different from the Atomic air hockey table parts. These replacement parts are available in different price ranges and quality as well. 

What Could You Need To Replace And Why?

No matter how good and durable your air hockey table is, its parts and accessories will require replacement after some time. This will make your table last longer and will allow you to enjoy a better gameplay. The time of replacement may differ from one brand to another; however, all of them require it. Following are some of the parts and accessories that would require you to replace or upgrade them.

  1. Mallets/Pushers

Mallets are an essential part of playing air hockey. Weight in contrast with the table, strength and durability are some of the factors that you should keep in mind whenever you are planning on changing them. Lightweight pushers can be a real problem as they may not provide enough force that is required to push the puck and this will hinder the gameplay.

  1. Pucks

Pucks are fragile and they may easily wear out, break or lose their ability to glide smoothly from one corner of the table to another. They may also fly off the table during a game and go missing which creates a problem for the players. Replacing a puck is an easy task and it does not require you to spend a lot of money as well. They are cheaper in bulk which would prove to be useful if you lose one in the middle of the game. Whenever you are buying a new puck make sure that it does not have a rough surface because it will prevent it from gliding smoothly. Also make sure that the size and weight of the puck are compatible with your table. 

  1. Blowers/Fan motors

Air blowers play an essential role in playing air hockey as they provide the airflow that the puck needs to glide on the surface. However, they can be expensive to replace. They usually last a good span of time but this does not mean that they are foolproof. They sometimes break and get worn out which requires the users to change them or repair them. 

Fan motors power the blower systems and there could be an issue present in the fan motor as well. If your airflow is weak, you can try cleaning the debris and dirt from the motor. However, if it is not working at all then you should contact a supplier and get it replaced with an original model, if it is available. 

When you are replacing the motor, make sure that you choose the one which has similar size and air pressure so that it is compatible with your table. A motor that does not have enough pressure could result in poor gameplay, while a strong motor could make it difficult for the players to handle puck movement. The bigger your table is, the greater airflow it will require. You also have to make sure that you buy a motor that fits within your budget. A larger motor is expensive, while a small one is cheaper. 

  1. Table legs

Table legs are a significant part of the table as they help in keeping the surface even and also provide support to the table. However, in case your table leg breaks, goes missing or is unstable then you won’t be able to play the game until you get it replaced with a similar leg support. You should contact your supplier and find a replacement or a leg leveler to make the surface even. 

  1. Tabletops

The surface of the table is an essential part and it requires cleaning and maintenance. It does not usually require replacements; however, there is a possibility. You can resurface your table if there are bumps present on it which make it difficult for the puck to glide smoothly. You will be required to get replaced if there is a heavy damage which cannot be fixed with repairing. 

  1. Screw/bolts/wires

These are small parts yet they play a significant role in providing good gameplay. It is important that you check for loose wires or screws before starting the game so that there is no disturbance during it. 

Where To Find Replacement Parts?

There are various places where you can look if you are in search of air hockey parts and supplies. Depending on what exactly you need, you may have to check a few places before you get your hands on the right item.

Whenever you are getting a replacement part, make sure you check the warranty of your table because if your table is in warranty, you can get it replaced by your supplier. If this does not work for you then you should start looking for replacement parts at a local sports shop. You can also look up on the internet and find items that are available online.  Following are some of the websites that we have listed down where you will be able to find the required product easily:

How To Replace Air Hockey Table Parts

Whenever you are planning on replacing any part of your air hockey table make sure you carefully read the instructions manual that comes with it. These manuals usually have all the instructions written step by step and reading them will help you go about the process. If you find it difficult to change the part yourself, you can always contact your supplier or somebody who is an expert in this area.