MD Sports Hinsdale 84″ Air Hockey Table Review

Our Rating: 4 out of 5

Product Introduction

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table is one of the finest of air hockey game sets in terms of durability and sturdiness. The features provide an ultimate arcade experience that you can have at the comfort of your home. Invite your friends over to have endless hours of entertainment and flaunt your exclusive model. The game set features a 120V fan blower that provides consistent air flow throughout the gameplay for a smooth and gliding surface. 
MD Sports 84 inches Hinsdale Air Powered Hockey Table sPECS
The digital scoreboard displays with LED lighting and sound effects augment an arcade feel to the game. Full leg panel support provides endurance and the oversized leg levelers ensure balance and stability. These provisions ascertain a smooth surface for playing air hockey. The hockey stadium provisions such as sounds and graphics provide a real hockey like experience to the game. This game set is an idyllic model that you can add to your gaming zone.

Main Features

  • Scratch resistant playing surface with premium blower fan powered by 120V AC UL certified motor provides maximum, even air flow throughout the entire playing surface.
  • Inlaid digital LED scorer displays time and score with arcade sound effects to enhance your hockey gaming experience.
  • Sturdy 1-2/5'' thick legs with full leg panel support for extra stability and 5 inch oversized leg levelers to ensure an even playing surface.
  • Reinforced top rails provide extra stability and help prevent pucks from flying off the table.



MD Sports


117. lbs




84 x 42 x 32 Inches

Our Ratings By Features

Easy to Assemble


Value of Money

Pros & Cons MD Sports Hinsdale 84″ Air Hockey Table


  • Scratch resistant and smooth surface
  • Fortified top rails for stability
  • Full leg panel support and oversized leg levelers
  • Realistic stadium graphics and sounds


  • Heavy, difficult to move
  • Occupies large space


If you want to have an experience that resonates with a hockey game in the stadium, MD Sports Air Powered Table is the game you are looking for. You can play air hockey with your friends and family in the most convenient way and have endless hours of enjoyment.

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