Troubleshooting Guide For An Air Hockey Table- Issues and Fixes

There are times when you will notice that your air hockey table is not working the way it should or normally does. These tables require a lot of care and maintenance. Reading this guide will help you in the process of troubleshooting.

1. Look For Issue

Air hockey table care is essential when you are an owner. However, most of the people do not maintain their table which causes several issues. If you are one of those people who are having issues then the foremost thing for you is to search for the problem and find a solution accordingly.

2. Maintenance and Replacement of Puck

It is a less known fact that pucks can go bad as well. They work for a certain period of time after which they lose their ability to float. It is essential that you choose the best air hockey pucks according to the size of your table because a heavier puck will not move on the surface, while a lighter one will fly too fast.

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3. Problems With The Outlet

Before you give your final verdict about the table being broken or damaged, it is recommended that you try a different outlet. Sometimes the issue is not with the table but with the outlet. Users are recommended to perform a voltage test as well if the outlet is not working.

4. Dirt-free Table

A clean hockey table plays an essential part in playing a game but if you do not know how to clean an air hockey table then this guide will help you a lot. Cleaning the clogged pores will be an important part of the process.

5. Spots Without Air

After a certain period of time some holes stop receiving air called dead spots. These spots create friction during a game which is a sign that your table needs deep cleaning. This issue may be frustrating for those who have bought the table recently.

6. Fans Systems

The table works when the fan system is powered by the motor. If the fan system does not work properly, you need to check the motor so your table can get powered again.

7. Replace Your Blower

A blower system is the heart and soul of the table which makes your puck fly smoothly by blowing air through holes. It helps you enjoy a fast-paced game.

8. Various Blower Systems

Tables that have bigger blower systems are better to play on. They blow more air which results in faster play. Tables made for tournaments have a bigger blower system which is costly. While those made for home use are less expensive and have a small blower system.

9. Cleaning Out Blower Systems and Cleaners

If you are worried out about how to maintain an air hockey table then cleaning out blower systems and cleaners play an important part. The blower system cleans clogged holes. Since the air is moved by the fans that are powered by the motor, there are chances that the fan may accumulate dirt as well.

10. The Motor Stops Working

After various attempts your table won't switch on. Some tables have an automatic feature that shuts off the motor if it becomes too hot. You can clean the fan and switch on the motor with the reset button. If it doesn't work then it needs replacement.

11. Check The Belt

You have to check the table's motor to see if it is properly intact or not. If, by chance, it is broken then you need to replace it by contacting the manufacturer.

12. Engine Power Testing

People who own an air hockey table are required to take it to the engine auto parts store to run a power test. Like all other batteries, these motors need replacement from time to time.

Issues in some parts may also get resolved with necessary part replacements.

13. Scoreboard Replacement

Each air hockey table has a different scoreboard- some are battery powered, while others connect to the power supply. If the scoreboard is not working you need to check the wiring or look at the battery and see if something needs replacement.

14. Water Damage

If your tabletop gets exposed to water then there are chances that it may get warped. If you touch the playing surface and it feels uneven then you can either purchase a new playing surface or buy a poly plastic board

15. Warranty And Renovation

If you have made every possible effort to make your table work on but you didn't succeed then it is time to find your warranty. You need to check if the warranty is still valid or not. If it is valid then you can contact the customer services and share the issues with them. They will figure out a way to help you resolve the problem.

16. Resurfacing The Table

A lot of people try to resurface their table but most of them do not succeed. Attempting to take off the laminated sheet from the whole table may land you into further problems; however, you can repair the damaged parts. It is recommended that you be careful and follow the guidelines if you wish to repair your table.

Changing the whole area is also possible; however, it may not be practical.

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17. Replace Your Table

If the warranty has expired and you are unable to fix your table then it is time to find a new air hockey table. In some cases the problem lies in maintenance and cleaning; however, in other cases the issue may be with the blower systems. Some people succeed in repairing the table but the old ones do not get repaired easily.

Final Thoughts

The tips mentioned in this guide won't create any problem for your table but it is recommended that you read the warranty thoroughly as some manufacturers try to play smart and sneak out of their obligations. If the table you use is not covered by the warranty or if it is expired then you can go ahead and buy a brand new table for yourself.

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