What Are Air Hockey Diamond Drift Tricks

To win in air hockey, it is extremely important to have a know-how of all the air hockey drifting types and tricks. This is a complete guide on diamond drifts and how they work:

Types of Air Hockey Diamond Drifts

Normal Drift

Generally, a drift in air hockey requires you to position your puck at the perfect angle for the best results. When shooting, the puck hits the wall multiple times and swerves back to you so that you can hit it right into the goal.

Reverse Drift

As the name suggests, the reverse diamond drift is similar to the normal drift, with the only difference being a reverse moment. Taking an air hockey diamond drift lesson from a licensed professional or an expert can help master these moves.

How to do The Diamond Drift in air hockey

The diamond drift isn't too difficult to master, but it involves technique and precision. Some people often confuse the diamond drift with the C-drift due to similar movements, but there are a few key differences between the two.

For the normal diamond drift, place the puck in the middle of the table just above your goal. Move it straight up and then take it back. Repeat this multiple times and then shoot it straight into your opponent’s goal.

For the reverse diamond drift, place the puck in the centre of the table near the centerline. Take the puck back first and then move it up, thus reversing the movement of the regular drift. This is done in a counter-clockwise movement.

Air Hockey Drifting Tips

The most important thing to remember is that diamond drifts take a lot of practice to get them right. Start at a slow pace to get the technique right. Once you are convinced that your movement is correct, slowly increase the speed of the drift. The key is to find the right intensity and use of force to score each time. Plus, you should only use drifts in an offense position to confuse your opponent. In order to better understand drifts, watch air hockey drifting tutorials.

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