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Top 10 Air hockey Pucks of 2017

Today we will give you a list of the top 10 Air hockey pucks of 2017. Air hockey is a fun tabletop game that has Ice hockey in its spirit. Usually, the game involves the air powered table, a puck, and two paddles- each one controlled by one player (two total players). While it is a fairly simple game on the surface, there are some complexities that you should know about when it comes to the equipment. In this article, we will focus on the details you should think about when it comes to the pucks.

Unlike other games, the size of the scoring object (the puck) matters a lot when it comes to the surface it is being played on. The main thing you should be concerned about when it comes to finding the best puck is which one is actually best suited for your particular table. The first part of that consideration is the size of the puck.

If you play on a smaller table, then playing with a larger puck might be problematic with how much space it takes up; as well as how well it floats on the surface. Vice versa, a puck that is too small for the table can mean facing the hazard of hitting someone in the face or damage to other components due to its lack of weight.

The next thing to consider is the weight. Pucks that are small to medium sizes are generally around 1.8 inches to 2.5 inches in diameter and usually weigh from about 9 grams (0.31 oz.) to 30 grams (1.0 oz.). These pucks are supposed to be played on tables ranging from mini size (4 ft.) to small/medium (6 ft.).

Pucks that are large are usually about 3.25 inches in diameter and can weigh up to about 42 grams (almost 1.5 ounces). These pucks are meant to be played on full size, seven ft. to 8 ft. tables. The following list contains different pucks with varying sizes and weights.

Top 10 Air Hockey Pucks of 2017

1. EastPoint Sports Hover Hockey Pucks

EastPoint Sports Hover Hockey Pucks
EastPoint Sports Hover Hockey Pucks Dimensions

East Point Sports Hover Hockey Pucks are the best air hockey pucks for people who want an easy-to-see target. With their bright orange color, you and your opponent should have no problem keeping your eye on the puck.

This pack of 3 includes two normal shaped pucks and one octagon shaped puck to throw a bit of change into gameplay if you want.


  • Slick design for smooth play
  • Easy to see


  • Not the best buy if you are looking for a lot of pucks
  • The weight is under tournament regulations

2. Coopay 12 Pieces Home Air Hockey

The Air Hockey Arcade pucks are the best option for people who need black to contrast with their bright surface and are playing on a smaller table.

With four in a pack, this is a decent deal as well.

Air Hockey Arcade dimensions


  • Solid color
  • Good Value
  • Made out of ABS/Thermoplastic material


  • Very lightweight - might create more chaos than some people want

3. Dynamo Hockey Air Puck

Dynamo Hockey Air Puck
Dynamo Hockey Air Puck dimensions

The Dynamo Hockey Air Pucks are the best choice for players using commercial Dynamo Air Hockey tables.

With their super bright fluorescent green color, you can feel confident in the look and their quality.


  • Made by one of the leading official table makers
  • High durability


  • Expensive for a single puck
  • Maybe not the best for people with less than average eyesight when on a white surface

Can You Imagine Air Power Soccer Hover Disk

The CYI Air Power Soccer Hover Disk is a unique alternative ‘puck.' It allows you to play multiple types of games while using it on most smooth surfaces.

You can use these pucks for turning street hockey into a life-size air hockey match, a workable flat soccer ball, or a bowling disc for knocking over pins! The great thing is that they are safe to use indoors (not just outside) due to their soft outer edge.

Air Power Soccer Pucks
Air Power Soccer dimensions


  • Great Value
  • High versatility
  • Easy to hit target


  • Requires 4 AA batteries that are sold separately

4. Black Triangle Air Hockey

Black Triangle Air Hockey Table
Black Triangle Air Hockey dimensions

The Black Triangle Air Hockey Pucks are the best choice for those who want to change the air hockey experience by giving it a creative twist.

These pucks will react quite differently than your normal round ones with their different angular reactions.


  • Fun spin on old play
  • Good value


  • Not great on dark surfaces
  • Requires adjusted play styles

5. Air Table Quiet

The Air Table Quiet pucks are the best option for decreasing the level of presence to others.

With their rubber coating, the loudness of ricocheting is drastically reduced, and the noise remains at a reasonable and quiet level.

Air Table Quiet Pucks
Air Table Quiet Pucks


  • Created by Dynamo
  • Durable


  • Not good on dark surfaces

6. SODIAL Mini Air Pucks

The SODIAL Mini Air Pucks are the best solution for your kid’s tabletop air hockey.

With their smaller size, they won't take up too much space. With 5 of these in one pack, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing your kid’s fun will be covered for quite some time.

SODIAL Mini Air Pucks dimensions
SODIAL Mini Air Pucks


  • Extreme Value - Very affordable
  • Lots of backups
  • Fast and easy assembly


  • Not as durable as your more expensive pucks
  • Not suitable for any medium or large tables

7. Gamecraft Air Powered Pucks

Gamecraft Air Powered Pucks
Gamecraft Air Powered Pucks dimensions

Games Craft Air Powered pucks are the best choice for people who want the greatest bang for the buck.

Three pucks made with a strong design means you won't have to replace them anytime soon.

Standard weight also means they will glide like a real puck should.


  • Won’t fly off nearly as much as lesser quality pucks
  • Good durability


  • Might not be great for very dark surfaces
  • Needs big tables for effective gliding

8. Large Green Round A-H Puck

Large Green Round Air hockey pucks are the best for people who want a pack of strong-hue green that is workable on most colored surfaces.

A considerable value, most of their kind tend to be a bit more expensive.

Large Green Round Pucks Dimensions
Large Green Round Pucks


  • Solid price point
  • Standard tournament specs
  • Fast shipping


  • Some may have defects - good thing you get 4 in a pack

9. Lemon home Pucks

Air Table Hockey Pucks
Air Table Hockey Pucks

The Air Table Hockey Pucks are the best option for players looking for an assortment pack for their standard sized air hockey table.

With Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, and White; there is a color for every table and player.


  • Plenty of choices
  • Standard specs


  • Perhaps not as well made as other pucks of their kind from leading manufacturers

With this list of various pucks, you should have a decent idea of which ones would work best for your table. We like option 5 (Black Triangle 4 pack) & option 6 (Air Table Quiet) the most.

Option 3 lets you reboot air hockey into a new world with the triangle ricochet effects, and the price point is very hard to beat. Option 7 is a great choice to save your ears and other people's ears from all the standard clanging.

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