Triumph Blue-Line 7 inches Air-Powered Hockey Table

Triumph Blue-Line 7′ Air Hockey Table Review

Triumph Blue-Line 7 inches Air-Powered Hockey Table with with 100V Motor Review

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Product Introduction

You need to get the right information when looking for a table worth your time and money. Something like the triumph blue line 7' air hockey table is meant to be a source of entertainment. No one wants to be responsible for buying something that doesn’t fulfill its purpose. We understand the complications that come with this product. The table comes at a low price of only a few hundred dollars. While the price is high, you’re getting a valuable air hockey table that will be reliable and durable.
The limited product info available elsewhere on the web makes it hard to understand what you are paying for. We tested and consider this table one of the best, in terms of entertainment value and price. We compiled resources from specific areas to give you an accurate representation of the triumph blue line 7' air hockey table .Also, we use consumer reviews to fill you in on information that we may miss out on.

Main Features

  • Air hockey table with powerful 110V air-powered motor for fast-paced gameplay
  • Easily keep track of the action with built-in inlay LED scoring and time clock
  • Table measures 84” L x 42” W x 32” H with 5” leg levelers and full leg panels for stability
  • Set comes ready to play with two red hockey pushers and two red pucks
  • Flat electronic scorer display compatible with table tennis conversion tops (not included)



Triumph Sports


118.5 lbs




84.00 x 42.00 x 32.50 Inches

Our Ratings By Features

Easy to Assemble


Value of Money

Pros & Cons:


  • Comes with electronic scoring system Solid construction
  • Can be converted to a table tennis unit with a conversion top (sold separately)
  • Reasonably priced


  • Scoring system can have issues
  • Some customers received a damaged piece which needed to be replaced


Overall, the  triumph blue line 7' air hockey table is a great middle of the road air hockey table for consumers who are looking for an affordable way to have fun with their family.

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