Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table

Atomic Blazer 7 Air Hockey Table Review

Our Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Product Introduction

Looking for an extended and upgraded version of the traditional hockey table? Atomic Blazer 7′ Air Hockey Table with Heavy-Duty Blower is the right choice. It has a durable table with a glossy PVC surface. Leg levelers provide stability and support to the table that avoids any movement while playing. The surface allows suave movement of the strikers and pucks. Moreover, the overhang rails reduce bouncing of pucks. 
Atomic blazer 7 air hockey table
The flip-up digital scoreboard allows the players to keep a track of their scores without causing a delay in their competition. The heavy duty 120V blower motor which is the main feature of this product promotes fast play in order to add thrill and excitement for the players. The heavy airflow keeps the game going, hence making the players more alert and engaged.

Easy to assemble


Value for money

Main Features

  • Electronic Score Keeping with Rail-Integrated Display
  • Heavy-Duty 120V Blower for Fast Play
  • Overhang Rails Reduce Puck Bounce
  • Leg Levelers Ensure Even Playing Surface
  • Atomic air hockey table can accommodate a table tennis conversion top
  • For the gaming room, living room, rec room, garage and more





110 lbs




84 x 48 x 32 Inches

Our Ratings By Features

Easy to Assemble


Value of Money

Pros & Cons of Atomic Blazer 7' Air Hockey Table


  • Heavy duty blower which encourages fast play
  • Allows players to have uninterrupted game sessions
  • Laminated surface allows easy movement of the striker and puck
  • Leg levelers provide steadiness to the
  • Suitable for any age


  • Difficult to move due to weight
  • Occupies ample space


Enjoy the gaming experience with your friends and family without any interruptions. It is recommended for all age categories; every member of the family can have the ultimate experience of air hockey. Another feature which makes it even more desirable is the table tennis conversion top. You can put this table in any area of your choice which has more space and can convert it into a gaming zone.

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