Atomic 8 With high power blower

Atomic AH800 8′ Hockey Table Review

Our Rating: 3.7 out of 5

Product Introduction

The AH800 8 Air Hockey Table is the ultimate table you are looking for. It allows players to have an experience they will adore the most due to the features the table entails. The table has electronic provisions like LED scoreboard, LED lights for areas mounted for goals, glowing pucks and electronic buttons that enable easy controlling of the table. It has a high powered blower that has an unconventional air flow system that penetrates the table, hence promoting fast play. 
Atomic 8’ Air Hockey Table with High-powered Blower Features
The table has a smooth surface for easy gliding. The surface resists abrasion and allows the players to keep the game rolling. The powerful grips coax a relaxed play that can last for hours. The table has a solid wood structure along with steel legs for stability. The leg feet are made up of rubber to adjust according to different floor angles. Every feature is designed to provide an even playfield.

Main Features

  • High-Powered Blower with Advanced Air-Flow System
  • LED Scoreboard, LED Goal Lights, and Glowing Puck Return
  • Super-Slick Playfield Resists Scuffing
  • Age Range- 8 - 11 Years
  • 6” Solid Square Legs with Leg Levelers for Even Playing Surface
  • Includes 4 Ergonomic Strikers and 4 Pucks





310 lbs




96 x 50 x 32 Inches

Our Ratings By Features

Easy to Assemble


Value of Money

Pros & Cons of Atomic AH800 8′ Air Hockey Table


  • High power blower
  • High powered blower and air flow system for fast play
  • Have good accessories
  • Heavy duty table with
  • LED lighting display with electronic feature


  • Occupies ample space
  • Requires preprogramming of scores and timing


It is always a good idea to get a game that can be joyful and something that is meant for all. This specific table article is meant for children above 7 years of age, primarily 13 and above. Parents can have fun watching while their children are playing or can even be a part of the gameplay.

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