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Air Hockey 4 Player Table Reviews

4 player air hockey tables are perfect for those who own arcades or live in a shared space, for example, students in a dorm room or a large family with multiple air hockey enthusiasts. Four-player tables are not sanctioned for competitive play.

At Air Hockey Place, you’ll find the right fit for you. The ESPN 84 inch 4 player table features an LED electronic scorer and an air powered table. The biggest thing to look for when buying a multiplayer games air hockey table is durability, which the ESPN table provides. It has sturdy legs coupled with leg levelers for smooth gameplay.

Similarly, the Atomic Full strength air hockey table features a dual air powered blower which provides a continuous flow of air all around the table thereby offering a more intense gameplay. Its playfield display offers a smooth surface for the puck to glide on. Last but not least, it features an LED scorer.  

4 Players Table

ESPN 84″ Fast Line Air Hockey Table Review


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